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OTC Roofing & Sheet Metal Co.

Sheet Metal

"Roofing At It's Finest"

OTC Roofing and Sheet Metal Co. has the ability to provide you with an array of metal services pertaining to your roof structure needs. 

Metal Decking:

We provide removal and replacement of damaged metal decking at the time of your existing roof system's replacement or repair.

Curb Placement and Structural HVAC Bracing:

Our metal services extend anywhere above the deck structural support system.

Coping and Edge Metal:

Your roof system is often outlined by metal edging or coping. This metal is not only a key element in keeping your structure watertight, but is often the only visible portion of your facility's roof system. We at OTC Roofing and Sheet Metal Co. will provide an array of options along with shop drawings to best fit your structure's needs.

Gutter Systems:

We provide and install custom fabricated gutters, scuppers and downspouts in an array of colors and styles.

Standing Seam Roof Systems:

Standing Seam Roof Systems require minimal maintenance and can provide durability and longevity to your structure when properly installed. Our skilled craftsmen will provide the product you desire.

Screen Wall Panels:

Screen walls are often used to provide visible coverage to unappealing roof equipment. Screen Wall structures go beyond the appealing aesthetics, acting as a barrier against harsh weather. We provide and install many screen wall profiles in an array of color options.

Custom Sheet Metal:

Our sheet metal fabrication shop can create practically any necessary item to complete your project with ease. We will work directly from plans or ideas that we develop together to ensure that your custom metal is exactly as required.