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EPDM Roofing

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Time-Proven EPDM Roof Systems:

EPDM roofing is a prime candidate for many low-slope roof applications because it lends itself to easy manipulation for installation. The rubber-like qualities bend around imperfections in the roof plane and form a watertight seal to protect your belongings. EPDM roof systems have been used for decades under brutal heat and cold, and when installed properly, this material stands the test of time.

Multiple EPDM Options:

EPDM systems have come a long way since their introduction. Constant improvements mean that the EPDM you buy today is infinitely better than those of even 20 years ago. Our highly trained staff will help you choose the system that will work best for your building, then install it using proper techniques to ensure longevity.

Does Not Pollute Rainwater:

EPDM Roof Membranes do not pollute rainwater, which is instrumental in maintaining the environment around you. Additionally, this is an excellent solution for those reclaiming rainwater for use in roof gardens and/or watering the landscaping around your building.

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