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At OTC Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. we understand that when your roof is damaged, you will need to repair it as quickly as possible. We now offer emergency services that will secure your interior so that further damage is averted. To inquire about emergency repair services to your building's envelope, contact us at the number above immediately.

After Hours and Weekends: Please use our contact form and provide brief details of the problem, and phone number and someone will respond back to you.

Securing the Contents of your Structure:

When your structure has sustained damage, it is important to move items to safety in order to prevent further loss of property. But this should only be attempted if it is safe to do so. If you are at all unsure about the structural integrity of your building, leave it to professionals who can help you. No item you own is worth injury or death.

Roof Tarping:

One of the most affective means of securing your roof temporarily is through the use of tarpaulins. Following a wind event it is likely that your insurance company requires that you make an effort to secure your structure from further damage. Tarps are often use to cover areas that are missing shingles or other roofing materials, but should only be installed by professionals to ensure their effectiveness. Emergency tarp installations are normally covered under your insurance policy, but check with your insurance agent to be sure.



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